• 50-minute general forecast reading covering romance, finances and career, upcoming challenges, and deep learning about yourself

  • 50-minute reading answering a specific question over

  • 50 minute intuition alignment. Deeply connect with your intuition around a specific question or concern.

  • 50-minute in-person reading of any of the above offerings in the Seattle area. ​

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/them pronouns) is your tarot reader. I facilitate your session through deep connection, humor, and wild respect for your experience and intuition. 

With a background in biology and a cherished herbalist deck, I fuse the magic of plant-based Tarot with the neuroscience of mindfulness to create your healing experience. At the end of your session, you will feel clarity where you were feeling confusion, relief where you were feeling stress, and a strong sense of your next steps to take. 

I embrace all identities and backgrounds and work across class backgrounds, ages, spiritual and religious beliefs, racial and ethnic identities, genders, sexualities, differing levels of physical and mental ability, varying relationships to trauma, and within polyamorous and sex-positive communities.


Each offering (above) is $40, with a $5 additional fee for in-person readings outside of Seattle city limits but within the Puget Sound. If you cannot afford a $40 reading, I offer pay-what-you-can online offerings throughout the month. Please email me or check the online calendar (below) to see when Pay-What-You-Can readings are being offered.  

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"I really enjoyed my session with Dylan. I sought help to gain clarity with a blockage I was having and was blown away with Dylan's insight and ability to understand exactly what my issues were.  Dylan asked thoughtful questions so they could better understand exactly what I wanted from the session, and helped me clarify the right questions to ask.  Dylan has a wonderful calm, healing energy and I felt completely at ease during our session. I left the session with a feeling of excitement and reassurance.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a session with Dylan."

- MR, acupuncturist and small business owner


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Dylan Wilder Quinn

Seattle, WA