Financial Solidarity with POC and Anti-Racist Organizations

All workshops that focus on working with white folks on our anti-racism involve a 10% donation to organizations and individuals whose lives are marginalized by racism every day.


I try to do a "liberated gatekeeping" approach to giving. What that means is I do not seek to know how you are spending the money, and I emphasize giving to individuals as just as important as giving to organizations because I believe that individuals living under oppression know how to use money to best support themselves at the time, whether it’s for reducing medical debt, paying for utilities, supporting friends who need money, enjoying ice cream or eating out or getting a Netflix subscription – many things are necessary for thriving and surviving, and it is not my job or desire to regulate how you spend money. At the same time, I want to support organizations that work towards ending oppression, specifically racism. I will only give money to organizations that are run by and for POC. You do NOT need to be a registered 501(c)3 to receive money – I am not doing this for tax deductions, but for reparations and honoring the economic inequity across races that I hope to play a part in ending.


I receive more requests than I have money, and honor them in the order they’re received, so sometimes the requests get honored months down the line. If there’s a large amount requested for money I may not be able to give all of it but you can continue to request money for an unlimited amount of time. Thank you for your patience.

When there are no requests present, I donate the 20% to:

  • No New Youth Jail Seattle

  • Ending the Prison Industrial Complex Seattle

  • Duwamish Longhouse

  • Real Rent Duwamish

  • Holistic Resistance's program to bypass the Cash and Check money systems for POC


If your Paypal/Venmo include your deadname, I will not reveal your deadname to anyone else.


I will not reveal to anyone that I supported you or your organization through this system. I seek to maintain dignity through anonymity and am not confused that I have more access to wealth doing this work because of the color of my skin. This is not me doing charity work or looking to be seen as a “good ally,” but a desire to contribute to the redistribution of wealth that is necessary to undo the harm created by a white supremacist capitalist system. 

Need to build more trust with me before providing information? Contact me and we'll connect over email or phone.

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Dylan Wilder Quinn

Seattle, WA