tarot reading seattle healing mindfulness neuroscience seattle
tarot reading seattle healing mindfulness neuroscience seattle

Turn up the volume on joy and resilience.

Dylan Wilder Quinn is your Neuro-Intuitive Guide. I use the magic of deep, intuitive connection and the principles of neuroscience to open your mind up to relaxation and resilience while stressed. I work gently with the parts of your mind that tell you "I can't handle this" with customized, guided mindfulness practices until you can confidently silence that voice and reply: "I've got this." 

I facilitate our time together through deep connection, humor, and wild respect for your experience and intuition. We will work together to train your brain in a way that empowers you to have the tools to continue healing at home for years to come. 

I work with women and LGTBQ people of all genders who find themselves in nurturing, healing, and coaching roles in their personal or professional lives. My clients are emotionally intelligent and value their self-awareness. They are in transition in their lives, often at the first or second Saturn Return, or quarter-life and mid-life "crises." They are looking to add tools to their toolbox around self care. My clients have often tried therapy already, have found it somewhat helpful, but are looking for something more. They want to be more mindful and resilient during times of big emotions and are ready for big change into new habits. 

I work across class backgrounds, ages, spiritual and religious beliefs, racial and ethnic identities, sexualities, differing levels of physical and mental ability, varying relationships to trauma, and within polyamorous and sex-positive communities. I am a working-class, queer gender nonbinary white person who strives to bring a lens of oppression and liberation into the work I do.


The common question: Where were you trained? What is your background?

Much of my training comes from personal and work experience. I've worked with people with complex trauma for the last ten years and much of my attunement and healing experience comes from my own experiences of being in abusive childhood and romantic relationships, and my in-depth healing of my own trauma and shame. 


My professional training includes a degree in biology; Rick Hanson's course, Positive Neuroplasticity for Professionals; Sandra Kim's workshop, Compassionate Activism; and Peacemaking Circles from the Tlingit Tagish clan in the Yukon (learned at Seattle Center for Ethical Leadership), and systemic liberation from The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. Under the guidance of therapists and other healing experts, I have studied neuroscience and trauma attunement.

What do you mean by "trauma?"

Trauma is used in a lot of different ways. I define a traumatic event as a loss of power or control without consent, and trauma as the effect on that person (their body, mind, and spirit) from a traumatic event. 

With this definition, every single one of us has experienced a traumatic event at one point or another. A traumatic event can be a sudden and intense event, such as a car accident, assault, or death of a loved one, or it can be a long-term low level series of events, such as not being out as LGBTQ at work or facing racial microaggressions daily. It can be an abusive relationship or systemic poverty. It can be from working in a male-dominated field as a female, financial stress, or working under a difficult employer. Even though we often think of traumatic events as those sudden and intense events, most of the traumatic events that happen to the vast majority of us are these low-level persistent stressors, which have long-lasting impacts on us. 

I refer to trauma as those impacts on our body, mind, and spirit. Trauma can show up in the form of PTSD, chronic pain, soreness, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, isolation, among many other symptoms. The work we do together directly works on giving your brain and body rest from feeling these symptoms. 

When a person becomes overwhelmed by a traumatic event, or more often, several traumatic events at once, there is nothing "wrong" or "broken" or "crazy" about that person, despite what some popular culture and media socialize us to think (often about ourselves!). All this means is that they do not yet have enough resources to heal from a traumatic event.


This is the work we will do together: create new inner resources and amplify their impact on your mind, so that you build the resilience needed to handle current and future traumatic events in your life.


When your resilience is stronger than the traumatic events, you have all the tools you need to handle stress in your life.  

About Dylan



What will we dive into together?

Immediate relief and clarity through Tarot.


I use Tarot, a deck of cards filled with 78 different archetypes of the human experience, to uncover hidden blockages within yourself and to provide clarity for your present and future. With a background in biology and a cherished herbalist deck, I fuse the magic of Tarot with the neuroscience of mindfulness to create your healing experience. At the end of your session, you will feel clarity where you were feeling confusion, relief where you were feeling stress, and a strong sense of your next steps to take.  

Long-term joy and resilience through Neuron Attunements. 

Have you heard the phrase "Neurons that fire together, wire together?" Neuroplasticity refers to our brains' ability to change and rewire throughout our adulthood by specifically focusing on firing the neurons that we want to wire more strongly together. People rewiring their brain using neuroplasticity principles become more resilient to stress and anxiety and find themselves in a place of joy and gratitude more frequently.  


I create customized mindfulness activities for you based on the neuroplasticity work of Rick Hanson and Norman Doidge that result in you feeling calm, resilient, and competent in handling stressful situations and difficult emotions. At the end of our series of sessions together, you will be empowered with tools to continue rewiring your brain on your own. 

Neuron Attunements are part of a long-term healing process. You and I will be working over a minimum of 4 sessions to create a successful, long-lasting healing experience for you. Many of my clients work with me for 4-8 sessions, and then we create a long-term plan together for you to continue your own empowered healing journey on your own. 


The true cost rates of the sessions are:

Tarot Reading: $60/hour

Neuron Attunement: $90/hour

I suggest that people earning $40,000 or more each year pay full price or over full price to help cover the costs of scholarships for other people, but only you know your expenses and the amount you can pay to still survive and thrive in a money-based society. I currently live off of about $20,000/year and will update this as it changes. 

For some locations, I may ask for an additional $5-$10 to cover travel time, gas, and car maintenance expenses. 

If you would like a Pay-What-You-Can rate, please check that box on the form when scheduling an appointment. I will contact you so that we can determine a price that helps us both survive and thrive. 

I also offer sliding scale for my collective healing workshops. 


If it's causing financial stress, we are adding harm, not healing. Accessibility is part of the healing process. That's why every session is Pay-What-You-Can.



"I really enjoyed my session with Dylan. I sought help to gain clarity with a blockage I was having and was blown away with Dylan's insight and ability to understand exactly what my issues were.  Dylan asked thoughtful questions so they could better understand exactly what I wanted from the session, and helped me clarify the right questions to ask.  Dylan has a wonderful calm, healing energy and I felt completely at ease during our session. I left the session with a feeling of excitement and reassurance.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a session with Dylan."

— MR, acupuncturist and small business owner

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Collective Healing

Creating collective resilience and collective change.


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