Unleashing the Fool Within

Many tarot specialists use the Fool as naivete, innocence, foolish optimism.

There is another important aspect to this card: The Fool is the center of our playful hearts. 


“Imagine yourself entering a strange landscape. A world of magicians, of people hanging upside down, and of dancers in the bright air. You can enter through a leap from a height, through a dark cave, a labyrinth, or even by climbing down a rabbit hole chasing a Victorian rabbit with a pocket watch. Whichever way you choose, you are a fool to do it. Why look deep into the mind when you can stay in the ordinary landscape of job, home and family? Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, warned his readers not to take even a step outside the ordinary path laid out for you by society. You might not get back again.” – Rachel Pollack,  78 Degrees of Wisdom.


Your mind is magic. A world of spinning stories and daring dreams.


Animalistic – instinct – listen to your instinct and it is tamed; ignore it and it becomes ferocious.

Rose – passion – follow your passion

Bag – holding experiences tied to wand – haphazardly using one’s own magic – intuitive, young magic, not yet refined. Bag is not in front of him, leading him, or weighing him down. He carries his experiences with him but he is not ruled by them. They do not control him the way that our traumas sometimes control our mind. “What could be more foolish than to take a magic wand and use it to carry your bags?” – RP

Fool’s wand is black. “We tend to mis-understand the color black, seeing it as evel, or negation of life. Rather, black means all things possible, infinite energy of life before conscioiusness has constructed any boundaries. When we fear blackness or darkness we fear the deep unconscious source of life itself.

Heading up to a cliff without a worry – trust that everything will turn out fine. Daring, optimistic

One of the few movement cards in the major arcana – gives life to all other cards. Animating force.

Belongs wherever thiere is a difficult transition. Readiness to leap into new territory.

Wands – energy, motivation. Cups – instinct

Courage and optimism

Acting deeply from intuition

Also trickster, prankster, comic relief

Letting go of societal rules or unlearning societal rules and letting loose, diving deep into intuitive, animal self – Carnaval! New Orleans!

Where do we need to bring our playful Fool into our lives this week?


Where do you, dear Reader, need to bring the Fool into your life this week?


If I were in a world where the Fool were dominant, what would that world look like?

A circus, an amusement park, a festival in the woods



A place to let our inner child through

Hi readers and listeners, Dylan Wilder Quinn here, founder of Wildly Healed, here with your Question of the Week. I’m feeling the outside energy this week so I hope you enjoy the cawing crows and growling cars behind me as you finish up your Monday!

I’ve been diving deep into the Fool card this weekend and have been wondering what it means for me in my personal life, and I wanted to give you the gift of experiencing your inner Fool as well.

The Fool is our innermost child. I don’t mean that wounded part of us that still needs healing parenting – I’m sure that will come up in plenty of readings, later. I want to focus on the Inner Child who fearlessly wanders into new adventures because they’re curious and excited, who gets so excited to learn how their bike works that they take it apart before they think about having to put it back together, who runs off through the woods naked picking fresh, plump berries off of their stalks. This is the Child who hasn’t yet learned that they have a parent who will stop them, shouting the words “No!” and “Safety first!” This child is curious with the innocence of not yet experiencing too many traumas in their world. In our adult world, this Inner Child shows up when they want to shake their booty on the dance floor, stomp their feet around a bonfire, and let loose to the deep jazz of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or the rhythms of Carnaval. This child is wild.

Bill Plotkin talks about Western Psychology (or in simpler words, therapy as we know it) and its over-focus on our wounds, healing our past wounds, our intergenerational trauma, and how there’s now a need more than ever to celebrate what humans are doing right. I’m not talking about ignoring the shootings, the racism, the homophobia that is now at the forefront of our media’s consciousness (I say the media’s consciousness rather than our collective consciousness because for many of us, specifically People of Color (POC) and LGBTQ people, this has been our lived experience of our people for centuries). I’m not talking about shoving the bad under the rug so that we can “focus on the positive.” That doesn’t fix anything. But, while fighting for fixing what’s wrong with the way humans are interacting, with violence, fear, and holding power over one another, we must also celebrate what we already do right, partly to help us heal from the wounds we inflict on each other, and partly as a way to build trust and relationships with each other as we move forward and build with one another.

Humans are instinctive. Humans are animals. Humans have primal attachment to those closest to us and we want to love. We have adventurous instincts that, as we get older, often get dampened by the everyday need to pay bills, survive, and tune out a bit with cute videos of pandas and cats on the internet. And like those cute animals on YouTube, we like to play.

This is the week to get in touch with our inner Fool – the inner child within us who wants to adventure by instinct and play, bringing laughter and goofiness into our lives. This is the week for healing through play and instinct, through letting our inner animal out. For my activist readers, this is a week for building relationships through silliness and fun to keep the movement strong, resilient, and sustainable.

That brings us to our Question this week: Where can we bring our Fool into our lives this week?

The first card that came up is the reversed Page of Cups. The Page of Cups upright is a shower of love and affection, an abundance of adoration. Reversed, it means exactly the same thing, with one key difference: you don’t want it. Do you have someone in your life who is doting on you, and you just want space? Maybe you have a not-so-secret admirer sending you texts too often, or a younger colleague who admires you is looking for mentorship at a time when you need to focus on a work deadline. Or an acquaintance is ready to take a dive into deep friendship with you when you’re still digging wading in the kiddie pool with them. Regardless, this is the week to address it with your Inner Fool. What would your Inner Child do, as your instinctive, most playfully adventurous self? Be direct with them – remember, this is before your Inner Child learned that there were ways to be polite or that conflict was scary. Be honest with them: “I’m not interested in you.” “I can’t connect with you this week, but I’m interested in getting a cup of coffee with you in the future when things slow down” – but only if this is true for you. This person will be grateful that you’re honest with them rather than continuing to put their energy into doting on someone who isn’t interested.

The second and third cards that came up, The Sun and Pan, also reversed, are too related for me to read them separately. The Sun is, not surprisingly, all about happiness, joy, celebration, fun, recreation. Think summer barbecue on the lake with all of the dream floaties (http://www.theluxuryspot.com/the-most-outrageous-pool-toys-we-could-find-online/url-12/) you most want to buy. How you feel floating on that lake with your good friends and family in the middle of the summer, stomach full of your favorite summer foods – that is your Sun card. Reversed, it’s the same, but just to a lesser extent. You may be making a lot of fun with fewer resources, or even more likely this week, using fun and recreation to relax, heal, and support your loved ones through the recent national tragedies and maybe some personal traumas you’ve been experiencing. If your spirit is feeling tired, now is the time to rejuvenate it through some play before diving back into the tough stuff again.

Pan is all about our inner animal, our primal instinct, our indulgence, and when upright, specifically our indulgence in our vices and taboo activities. Sometimes it means escapism. Reversed, however, as it shows up in our spread this week, it is a freedom, a release from reliance on worldly matters, looking ahead, cutting off negative influences and moving forward. This is all about getting in touch with what your primal, animal self wants to be doing this week, and do it. Maybe you want to jump into a lake, or dance for hours. Maybe you want to connect with a person you’ve been admiring. Breathe and fully embody yourself while you are following your instincts so that you can fully experience what following your instincts feels like in your body – you will create a stronger memory in your brain, and your brain will crave these embodied, instinctive experiences more often.

The fun and playfulness of The Sun and the animal instinct of Pan come together to embody the Inner Child of the Fool I was talking about earlier. This is a week for relaxing with your community as much as you can, in a playful or competitive way. Play games, play sports, dance wildly, romp around in the woods. Relax, follow your instincts, build relationships, and play.

I am still offering free Tarot Readings for healing for People of Color following the shootings of Black and Latinx people this week and last week. Please email me at Dylan.wilder.quinn@gmail.com to set up your readings.

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I use “they” in my blogs rather than “he,” “she,” or “he or she” because it’s simpler, faster, and inclusive of all people who don’t fall along the gender spectrum as either a “he” or a “she.” Conveniently, I’m one of those people, so I’m working to create a world where I belong.

Question of the Week: What is the best thing we should be doing this week to heal ourselves?

Trauma etches deep into our bodies; so does healing. Where there has been deep pain there will also be deep joy. Where we have bled, we will weep with the healing that has pumped its way into our hearts.

This has been a traumatic week for our Black and Brown family in the U.S., and an awakening and re-awakening for our white siblings. The fight-or-flight parts of our brains are firing more often and more strongly than before, and we need to take some time to calm down those neurons and heal as we figure out our next steps. How do we move forward from here? What can we do to heal from this week of trauma and upheaval?


The reading this week is filled with upright, powerful cards in the mid-range of the tarot deck. It is saying now is the time to heal. We are amidst the deep upheaval currently, and thus we must also dive into the deep healing. This is not return-to-status-quo healing; this is when we heal our bodies and souls so wildly that our bodies and hearts feel so resilient to trauma that we can focus on what is necessary: making sure that we are healing our collective wounds faster than we are creating new ones.


The first card we’ll look at is the Strength card. Strength showed up in the position of our current status. It’s showing us what’s going on now, and it showed up reversed. Strength is our balance card, our mental and emotional stability card, and when it is reversed, it means just the opposite. We are in a place of mental and emotional upheaval; many of us are beyond the ability to cope with this upheaval with the current coping mechanisms we already use. Some of this pain is so strong it is being driven by our subconscious, not our conscious selves, and that means more irritability, stress, agitation in our daily lives. For some of us, it means uncontrollable grief or being fully overwhelmed by our emotions. We are reactive, we are grieving, we are tired. We are hurtful to our loved ones when we don’t mean to be; we are angry at many situations in the world, but we often let it out on the people we love the most.


The second card that came up is the Queen of Wands. This came up in the position of external communications; as we focus on our healing this coming week, the Queen of Wands represents communication we will receive from anyone but our internal selves. This will be a guiding person that you should be on the lookout for as you figure out how best to heal your inner pain. The wands are our motivation suit, our energy suit. The Queen is benevolent and admired when she is in this upright position; she is nurturing, encouraging, and supportive. The Queen of Wands specifically is a self-made person who is a natural leader, a teacher, a self-assured person who easily inspires others. Take a look around you – who is talking about healing right now who inspires you? Check your Facebook feed (No, I’m not kidding!) – who is talking about spending time grieving, feeling full emotions, getting together in community and healing together? This is the person to get in touch with, to follow, whose events you should be signing up for.


The third card to come up is Death, in the position of our biggest challenge we’ll be facing this coming week. Just the name of the card falls into this truth as a heavy weight in my stomach, and a sharp pain in the back of my throat. The Death card doesn’t just mean its namesake, it also means an end to patterns, a natural release of old patterns to make way for new ones, it is a breaking free. While that sounds liberating, in the case of police shootings of Black folks, our cycles and patterns are our chains, and these chains are hard to break free from. White folks, listen up: if we want to truly align ourselves with Black folks and shout Black Lives Matter from the truest place in our bodies, we must break the patterns that we have been holding in our bodies for generations, especially those that are so ingrained that we don’t know about them. If we are sick of the pain and grief of hearing about another Black life lost to racism and police violence, we must work on healing that pain and grief through learning from and supporting Black folks that are already doing this work (and have been for years, decades!). We need to break free of old patterns of how we react to police violence against People of Color and loudly back up the wishes and demands of Black organizers. Find a Black-led organization in your community or a national one and back it, loudly. If you are a white healer, offer your healing practices for free to the Black community right now. Breaking these old patterns and forming new ones will be a key part of your healing this week.

For Black folks and non-Black POC folks, this upright death card also means for you breaking a pattern of healing that thus far has been your go-to for healing after these traumatic events. As a white person I don’t want to give generalizations for what people have already been doing and what they need to do instead, but I do want to offer free individual tarot readings for you if you want to have individualized information about what you may want to do to heal during these coming weeks. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info. 


Our fourth card is the Page of Swords, standing upright and in the position of our emotions and relationships. Our swords deal with our deep psychology – our emotions, our intellect, our subconscious, the home of our nightmares, but also the home of our dreams. The Page of Swords is our inquisitor – they are curious. They are evaluating and critiquing the situation around them. The Page of Swords is a person in your life who is questioning the status quo in a constructive way – they want to figure out what is next. If they are white, they want to listen to the Black and Brown folks who are organizing for Black lives already and figure out how to spread this movement to their white community. If they are POC, they are finding new ways to heal Black and Brown folks and spreading it to their greater community. They are not yet an obvious and admired leader but they are discovering their leadership fast, and right now. Find this person in your life and align yourself with them.



Our final card focuses on outcome, lessons of spirit. The Five of Pentacles upright came up for this. Fives are the most challenging of the numeric cards, and pentacles are our longevity and stability suit. This once again shows us that this week will again be a week of upheaval, of breaking old patterns. The Five of Pentacles specifically has to do with asking for help, learning to receive – truly receive – help from your community. It is a humbling card, an “I can’t go it alone” card, and often has to do with raw feelings, hopelessness, and loss. It’s not surprising that this card is coming up for us around healing the losses of this last week. The message is clear: seek out healing from your community, do not let yourself be alone during this time.

Upheavals are the time of rapid changes, increased sense of alarm and threat, and are also an opportunity for rapid and immense healing. Take time this week to fully feel your feelings, grieve and rage in community, and break free from old patterns for healing from these tragic events and create new ones. Seek out a person who is inspiring, nurturing, and sure of themselves who is actively talking about healing from these tragedies, and get involved with their work. Also seek out a person who is not yet a strong leader in your community but is showing leadership now, and discussing and looking for alternatives to the status quo, and get involved in their work as well. Most importantly, seek out your community, let yourself be held by them, and hold others. Love strongly and feel that grief turn into healing as we seek to end the racially-violent deaths of these beloved individuals.  

For Black people reading this, I’m offering free tarot readings this week and next for healing. Go ahead and visit my website (www.dylanwilderquinn.com) and use the “Contact Me” form to schedule a reading.

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Dylan Wilder Quinn


Seattle, WA